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Weeds and Plant Identification
Broadleaf plantain - Plantago major




Broadleaf plantain Plantago major L.
Plantaginaceae (Plantain family)
Life cycle
Rosette-forming simple perennial.
All leaves originate from a basal rosette. Cotyledons are long and spatula-shaped. Leaves are generally smooth and broadly to narrowly oval, with parallel veins and smooth to slightly wavy leaf margins. Leaf base tapers to a distinct petiole. Petioles are usually green but occasionally pale pink.
No visible aboveground stem. Short taproot present.
Flowers and fruit
Leafless stalks bear long, dense, cylinder-shaped flowering spikes and fruit resembling a rat tail. Single flowers are inconspicuous.Fruiting capsules yield many narrowly oval, usually glossy brown seeds.

Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services

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