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Diagnostic Services
at Michigan State University

101 Center for Integrated Plant Systems
East Lansing, MI 48824-1311
Phone: (517) 355-4536
Fax: (517) 432-0899

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  • Home: Home - Diagnostic Services at MSU (Home - Diagnostic Services at MSU)
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  • Services & Fees: Services & Fees - Diagnostic Services at MSU (Services & Fees - Diagnostic Services at MSU)
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    • Services Provided: Services Provided (Services Provided tests samples )
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    • Fee Schedule: Fee Schedule (Fee Schedule prices costs diagnosis)
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    • On-line Bill Payment: On-line Bill Payment (On-line Bill Payment)
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  • Sample Submission: Sample Submission (Sample Submission)
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    • Sampling Instructions: How to submit a sample to Diagnostic Services. (sample diagnosis plant disease insect weed)
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    • Directions to Lab: Directions to Diagnostic Services from all directions. (directions driving campus)
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  • Submittal Forms: Submittal Forms - Diagnostic Services at MSU (Submittal Forms - Diagnostic Services at MSU)
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  • About the Lab: About the Lab - Diagnostic Services at MSU (About the Lab - Diagnostic Services at MSU)
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    • Lab Staff: Lab Staff (Lab Staff)
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  • Links: Links - Diagnostic Services at MSU (Links - Diagnostic Services at MSU)
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  • Diagnostic Factsheets: Diagnostic Factsheets (Diagnostic Factsheets)
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  • Diagnostic Newsletters: Diagnostic Newsletters (Diagnostic Newsletters)
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